Care advice

If you follow these guidelines, we will surely have a long and joyful time together and I will love you too.

  • I do not like to shower, please take me off.
  • I do not like perfume and might react to it.
  • I would like to stay at home while you are doing sport, because I do not like sweat.
  • Silver polish is for cutlery or other silver items, but not for me.
  • I do not like chemical or abrasive products and will react if I am exposed to it.
  • If I get wet please dry me immediately with a soft cloth.
  • Please wash your hands and put on lotion without me.
  • You know that I am hand-made fashion jewellery and plated with gold, rhodium or silver, so my lifetime is of course shorter at high wear or if you use me under the above conditions.
  • I often carry a natural stone or am made from dyed, genuine leather so my colours and structure might vary. This makes me unique.